Dr Adrian Stocco was born in Adelaide, Australia and moved to Auckland to study Chiropractic in 2004.

Adrian enjoys exercising and cooking for his wife Kate. He practices in Devonport Auckland at Village Chiropractic Family Wellness Centre.

Adrian is a mentor at NZCC in the Chiropractic Centre.


Dr Pritesh

Dr Pritesh Patel was born and raised in the city of Vadodara, India. He moved to New Zealand with his parents in late 2001, being the first ones in their family to move overseas. He is a family man and keeps close ties with his immediate and extended family. He loves the outdoors and prefers to live close to the coast/beach. He graduated from The New Zealand College of Chiropractic in January 2013 and started practicing in the town of Devonport, Tasmania, Australia. His vision of creating cultural authority for Chiropractic to optimize the health of billions around the globe found itself congruent with that of the Alumni Association. Hence, Dr Pritesh took up the role as Secretary of the NZCC Alumni Association in late 2013.


Dr Todd Keenan is Kiwi born and bred. His immediate family all reside in Auckland. After completing secondary school he travelled extensively around the UK and Europe. While in England he served as an infantry officer in the British Army, before returning home to New Zealand to start his university education.

Todd attained his Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in cognitive behavioural psychology at the University of Auckland and graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in March 2001.