Dr Adam Cooper – Chiropractic Practice Scholarship

Adam Cooper – Chiropractic Practice Scholarship

Dr Adam Cooper

Dr Adam Cooper

In honour of excellence as an intern in Clinical Practice 1 and 2, by an enthusiastic and supportive third year chiropractic student.

Dr Adam Cooper was a 2003 graduate of the College and a Chiropractic Centre supervisor for 2 years who sadly passed away at an early age in 2010. Adam was a well-liked and respected classmate, colleague, and mentor who gave his all to the profession…supervising in the Chiropractic Centre until just weeks before he passed.


Intern who wins this award epitomises some of Adams best values:

2016 Winner Kaitlyn Matheson

2016 Winner – Kaitlyn Matheson

– Excellence Clinical Practice 2 in ALL aspects of clinical practice
– Helpful and supportive of other class members
– Gentle nature
– Positive mental attitude
– Courteous to all faculty, staff and colleagues
– Works above and beyond the call of duty

The Scholarship will be awarded to one student only and the total value of the scholarship is equivalent to fees for Clinical Practice 3

2016 – Kaitlyn Matheson

2015 – James Mackay